A photograph of a paper cutout of a photo of a Scarlet Tanager bird sitting in an oak tree. The background, which is out of focus, shows grave markers indicating that the location is a cemetery.
“Scarlet Tanager” sitting in an oak tree in a cemetery

Scarlet Tanager

  • Scientific: Piranga olivacea
  • Spanish: Piranga Escarlata
  • French: Piranga écarlate
  • Family: Grosbeaks
  • Bird Code: SCTA

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Summer range lost

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Breeds in deciduous and mixed coniferous-deciduous forests. During migration they can also be found in shrubby habitats and backyards.


In summer, they breed in eastern United States (with exception of the most southern states). Migrates through Central America and winters primarily in South America.

Silhouette of Grace's Warbler
Did you know?

Brown-headed Cowbirds often try to place their eggs in Scarlet Tanagers’ nests since they are parasitic nesters and don’t build nests of their own. The Tanagers apparently can’t tell the egg is not one of their own and they end up raising the imposter with their own chicks.