Below is a list of resources and other information that will be helpful in using this site and for learning more about birds and how we can protect them and their habitats.

My primary sources of Inspiration & Motivation for doing this project

Other informative bird-related sites

Want to get started birding?

In New York City

Look up these amazing organizations – Many have local chapters

United States



And try these apps

Found an injured or orphaned bird?

Many communities have wildlife rescue centers – some specifically devoted to birds, with some even specializing only in raptors like A Place Called Hope in Connecticut. Some animal hospitals may also be able to help but be sure to call ahead to ask. Use the internet to try to find a resource near you.  Here are some tips from the Audubon New York chapter as to how to care for an injured or orphaned bird.

In New York City, you can take an injured bird to The Wild Bird Fund on the Upper West Side and one is being built in Park Slope.

Sadly, if you find a dead bird – please report it to the D-bird site.