A photograph of a paper cutout of a photo of a Northern Saw-whet Owl placed on a broken tree trunk that still has a few autumn leaves. There is a trunk of another tree extending through the image on the right. The image has an overall cool blue tone indicating it was taken at twilight.
“Northern Saw-whet Owl” at dusk

Northern Saw-whet Owl

  • Scientific: Aegolius acadicus
  • Spanish: Mochuelo Cabezón
  • French: Petite Nyctale
  • Family: Owls
  • Bird Code: NSWO

If there is a 3° C increase in temperature due to unmitigated climate change

Predicted percentage of habitat lost

Summer range lost
Winter range lost

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Mature coniferous and mixed forests preferring deciduous trees for nesting but will also use nest boxes. Can also be found in coniferous swamps, savannahs, and stream-side woods.


Year-round and breeding resident in southern Canada, northern and western U.S. states extending into central Mexico. During winter found across much of the U.S. except the south­­ernmost edges.

Silhouette of Grace's Warbler
Did you know?

This small, nocturnal owl was named for the male’s rhythmic tooting song which can go on for hours late at night. Early North American settlers thought the owl’s song sounded like a saw being sharpened on a whetstone.