A paper cutout of a photograph of a Yellow-throated Vireo bird perched sideways on a branch in a landscape with mostly yellow autumn leaves.
"Yellow-throated Vireo" in autumn foliage

Yellow-throated Vireo

  • Scientific: Vireo flavifrons
  • Spanish: Vireo Gorjiamarillo
  • French: Viréo à gorge jaune
  • Family: Vireos
  • Bird Code: YTVI

If there is a 3° C increase in temperature due to unmitigated climate change

Predicted percentage of habitat lost

Summer range lost
Winter range lost

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Breeds in open deciduous woodlands preferring oaks and maples along lakes, streams, and roads. Found near tree trunks high in the canopy.


In the eastern U.S. during breeding summers, migrates through the Gulf Coast to wintering grounds in southern Mexico, Central and northern South America.

Silhouette of Grace's Warbler
Did you know?

The male generally chooses the nest site, but both sexes build a thick-walled cup-shaped nest using leaves, grass, weeds, pieces of bark, and plant fibers bound by spiderwebs and camouflaged with moss and lichen.