A paper cutout of a photograph of a Swamp Sparrow placed on a reed in a marsh with tall grasses and a river in the background.
“Swamp Sparrow” in marshy landscape

Swamp Sparrow

  • Scientific: Melospiza georgiana
  • Spanish: Chingolo Pantanero
  • French: Bruant des marais
  • Family: New World Sparrows
  • Bird Code: SWSP

If there is a 3° C increase in temperature due to unmitigated climate change

Predicted percentage of habitat lost

Summer range lost
Winter range lost

Climate and other threats imore info


These sparrows are found in wetlands, mainly fresh-water marshes or brushy swamps although some breed in saltwater marshes near the Atlantic Coast.


Eastern United States to Central Canada

Silhouette of Grace's Warbler
Did you know?

Swamp Sparrows are similar in looks to Chipping Sparrows as both have red caps but they are bulkier and have longer legs which allow them to forage for invertebrates in shallow water.